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Alvernia Retreat Center (25-100 people)

Day or overnight facilities for your church, school or group’s retreat or workshop. Spacious chapel, meeting room, dormitories and kitchen; bathrooms and showers; open fields, outdoor waterfront amphitheater, wooded land and shore. Especially suitable for youth groups.

Bring your group of 25-100 people. Can sleep up to 75 for overnight retreat.

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St. Francis Center (2-20 people)

NOTE: currently unavailable for outside use

Day facilities for your smaller group’s time away for prayer and recollection. A quiet place on the shore of Centerport Harbor overlooking the water.

Suitable for 2-20 people.

Perfect for:

  • Your staff or leadership team retreat
  • Men’s/women’s/couples’ groups
  • Meditation
  • Day of Prayer
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LaVerna Hermitage (1-2 people)

NOTE: currently unavailable for outside use

Available for those who wish to have a private retreat. The hermitage is a peaceful all-season cabin overlooking beautiful Centerport Harbor. A place for a person or two to have a day, or a few days, of restful retreat.

Come to pray, to rest, or simply to disconnect. Perfect for writer’s retreat, meditation, or to reset during a time of change.