Important Changes to Sailing Special for 2019


  Our Huron/Seneca Sailing Special has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years.  Every year we have invested resources to improve the quality of the program, and the results speak for themselves.  Many more campers and parents want that option for Special than we can accommodate, and as such it’s time for us to make some changes. 

  For the upcoming 2019 season, Sailing Special will require preregistration and prepayment.

  In order to keep things as fair as possible, parents must preregister for Sailing Certification or Recreational Sailing.  Registration can be done either while completing the Camper Application, or by contacting the camp office.  Both of these programs will have limited capacity, and will fill on a first-come, first-served basis.  If a program fills, we will begin a waitlist to keep things fair for everyone.   

In order to maintain the high quality of the program, we need to continue to invest resources yearly.  As such these programs will come with an added fee of $150 per session, which must be paid upon registration.  This fee can be refunded upon cancellation or withdrawal any day prior to the final payment date of April 15, 2019, or prior to June 17, 2019 with tuition insurance. 

Note: If you have already registered for 2019 and wish to add Sailing Certification or Recreational Sailing, simply contact the office.   On average, campers tend to complete their sailing certification in two sessions.  Some campers may take longer.  Our sailing instructors proceed at the pace of the individual camper, and we keep records on camper progress from session to session and year to year.

  Sailing is weather-dependent, and we will not conduct a sailing session if we feel the weather is too dangerous.  In this event, campers will either work on land-based skills or can opt for alternate programming.  There will be no refunds or makeups for weather-related cancellations.

  Note: Campers who have already achieved their sailing certification must register for Recreational Sailing, as they will not be permitted to participate in Sailing Certification if they’ve already completed the program.

We think these changes are necessary and will result in a better program experience for all.  Please let us know if you have any questions.


Ben Esposito


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