Important Change to Campfire Nights

One of the most important elements of respect for our children and for Camp Alvernia is safety.  This respect extends to Wednesday night campfires.  We open our doors to all for a fun community event, and we trust that parents and campers alike will respect the camp by adhering to proper behavior and supervision.

Unfortunately, many parents and campers have not respected the camp on campfire nights, which puts both children and Camp Alvernia at risk. We have stated many times that parents are not to drop off or leave their children unsupervised. Yet we have children wandering all over the property unattended, running through traffic in the dark, and refusing to listen to our security personnel when asked to return to the campfire area. This behavior is unacceptable.

Rather than cancel the event altogether, we are going to simplify it and end promptly at 9pm.  We will no longer be showing movies. In addition, any unattended children found wandering outside the campfire area will be returned to their families.  We reserve the right to ask any family to leave if they are not properly supervising their children.  

The spirit of this event is to cultivate community and give our community a chance to enjoy some great food and conversation around the campfire, while making s’mores and playing games.  This is the part of the night we are excited to continue and look forward to seeing you all there.

Campfire & BBQ Night!

Wednesday, July 11th 7:00pm-9:00pm 

Sponsored by Timothy’s Pizza, Huntington Coach, Autumn Leaf, Waldorf Risk Solutions, Seymour’s Boatyard, and Kinder Club Nest

See you all there! 

God bless,

Ben Esposito, Director

Ariel Esposito-Bernard, Director of Development

Brother Larry Makofske, O.S.F., Executive Director

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