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Safe Powerboat Handling course at Camp Alvernia April 14-15, 8:30am-5:30pm. Discounted to just $125!

US Powerboating’s Safe Powerboat Handling is a flexible, entry-level course for both youth and adults. This course teaches people how to safely operate a powerboat or improve their on-the-water boat handling skills. Upon successful demonstration of powerboat handling skills and passing written...

Summer 2017- Memories

Looking back at this summer, we had too much fun to put into words on this page. We kicked off session 1 with our Amazing Race special day, Nintendo Day in session 2, Color Wars in session 3 (congrats to the Red Pirates!), and an epic who-cares-if-it-rains Comic-Con Carnival on the last day of...

Camp Merchandise!

We’ve got some great Camp Alvernia merch items!

If you’re interested in purchasing something for your campers or for yourself, click the link below to download a .pdf with some photos and prices.


CA Canteen 2017

Last Campfire/Movie Night/BBQ of the Summer

Join us for our last Campfire/BBQ/Movie night of the season!

WHEN: Wednesday, August 9th at 7:00 pm.
WHERE: Camp Alvernia (105 Prospect Rd, Centerport NY)
WHAT: Showing of Beauty and the Beast (2017)
COST: Free!

Invite everyone you know— free to attend! Light up toys, food off the grill,...

Session 4 Calendar- Lunch Menu, Group Photos, Tie-Dye, Special Days

Please refer to the attached calendar to see the session 4 lunch menu in addition to your camper’s group photo schedule and tie-dye schedule. Additionally, the session 4 special day themes are listed.


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