2017 camp registration is open!

Prices below require payment IN FULL by date listed. Payments by mail must be postmarked by date listed. There will be no exceptions.

How to Read the Chart Below:
1. The numbers across the top refer to total sessions you are purchasing for all of your campers combined. This is a built-in sibling discount! Discounts as follows:

2-3 sessions: 5% discount
4-7 sessions: 10% discount
8-9 sessions: 15% discount
10+ sessions: 20% discount

Multiple session discount is taken off the base rate of $1460 per session.

2. The dates on the left refer to the dates you must pay tuition in full to secure early payment discounts. Discounts as follows:

By 9/29/16: 15% off post-Mar 30 rate
By 1/9/17: 10% off post-Mar 30 rate
By 3/30/17: 5% off post-Mar 30 rate

3. Prices listed are post-discount prices.

Number of Sessions Purchased
Date Paid in Full 1 2
On or Before 9/29/16 $1241 $2358 $3537 $4468 $5585 $6701
On or Before 1/9/17 $1314 $2497 $3745 $4730 $5913 $7096
On or Before 3/30/17 $1387 $2635 $3953 $4993 $6242 $7490
After 3/30/17 $1460 $2774 $4161 $5256 $6570 $7884

Date Paid in Full 7 8
On or Before 9/29/16 $7818 $8439 $9494 $9928 $10921 $11914
On or Before 1/9/17 $8278 $8935 $10052 $10512 $11563 $12614
On or Before 3/30/17 $8738 $9432 $10611 $11096 $12206 $13315
After 3/30/17 $9198 $9928 $11169 $11680 $12848 $14016

Above rates for total sessions purchased for campers in immediate family. Sibling discounts are built in. Examples: Family A purchases 1 session for each of 3 children = 3 sessions. Family B purchases 2 sessions for 1 child and 4 sessions for another child = 6 sessions.

  • All prices include daily lunch and a Camp Alvernia t-shirt (1 per camper).
  • Seneca Teen Travel (completing 7th-9th grade, must be 14 and under) is an additional $225/session. Teen Travel costs are fixed and cannot be discounted.
  • Door to Door Bus transportation costs $140/child per session (Free Express Bus option available to common pickup/dropoff locations) Door to Door Bus transportation cost is fixed and cannot be discounted.
  • Loyalty Discounts are provided for families who have purchased at least one session for five consecutive summers (5% discount) or ten consecutive summers (10% discount).

NEW FOR 2017: Tuition Insurance

Our new tuition insurance pool helps give you peace of mind when registering and paying for camp this early. For just an extra $25 per enrolled session, you can get a complete refund (including deposit) at any time prior to the first day of camp (6/26/17), no questions asked. All unused premiums will be transferred to the scholarship fund when the 2017 summer begins. You cannot add tuition insurance to any previously purchased sessions. Tuition insurance will not be available for any sessions purchased after March 30, 2017.

Note: If you choose to purchase tuition insurance, you must purchase for ALL of your child’s enrolled sessions.

Send your 3 year old to camp!

Our 3 year old age group is called the Pequots. This is a great way to introduce your younger child to camp with a shorter camp day that includes wading pool, camp activities, snack, and more – the camp activity will change every day!

If you’ve got a precocious little one who just can’t wait to come to Alvernia like his/her older siblings, the Pequot program is for you. You can register your little one for the Pequot program by logging into your account and clicking “Camper Application”.

Pequot dismissal is at 2pm (brown bag lunch from home), $750 per two-week session flat rate cost. Nonrefundable deposit for Pequots is $100 per session.

2017 Camp Dates & Times

  • Session 1: June 26 – July 7
  • Session 2: July 10 – July 21
  • Session 3: July 24 – August 4
  • Session 4: August 7 – August 18

Camp Alvernia will be closed Tuesday July 4th in observance of the holiday.

Camp hours are 9am – 3:30pm. Morning and Afternoon Childcare is available from 7:00am – 8:30am and 4:00pm – 6:00pm. Childcare is $14/hr per camper, billed in 1/2 hour increments.


$300 non-refundable deposit required per camper upon registration. Deposit will be deducted from camper balance. Terms and Conditions below. Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card. All payments must be received by April 14, 2017. If your payment in full is not received by this date, your spot may be given to someone on the waitlist. All registrations after this date must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand that a non-refundable enrollment deposit of $300 is required for each camper. I agree that this deposit will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstance, including illness, accident, or financial hardship.
  2. I understand that no part of the tuition is refundable or transferable after April 14, 2017, except in the case of illness or accident as detailed below, or if tuition insurance has been purchased.
  3. I understand that all payments must be received by April 14, 2017. I understand that if I have not paid in full by this date, my camper’s spot may be given to a camper on the waitlist. I understand that if my camper’s spot is given away, any payments made will not be refunded.
  4. I understand that if a camper is absent due to illness or accident for five consecutive days of camp, as certified by a physician’s letter, a pro-rated refund may be granted. The physician’s letter must be received within 5 days of the illness.
  5. I understand that no camp day substitutions will be granted due to illness or any other absence.
  6. I understand that no grouping request is guaranteed. I also understand that all camp group assignments are final, and the camp will not switch my camper to a different group for any reason.
  7. I understand that Camp Alvernia reserves the right to remove or suspend any child from camp without refund.
  8. In the event that I cannot be reached by phone in a serious emergency, I hereby give my permission to my family physician, any local physician, and to Camp Alvernia to administer emergency medical treatment to my child.
  9. I understand that all photography and video taken at camp may be used for promotional purposes.
  10. I understand that tuition insurance allows me a complete refund of all tuition including deposit, at anytime prior the first day of camp (6/26/2017), no questions asked. I understand that I cannot add tuition insurance to any previously purchased sessions, and that tuition insurance will not be available for any sessions purchased after March 30, 2017. I understand that if I choose to purchase tuition insurance for a camper session, I must purchase it for ALL of that camper’s enrolled sessions.

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