Summer 2017- Memories

Looking back at this summer, we had too much fun to put into words on this page. We kicked off session 1 with our Amazing Race special day, Nintendo Day in session 2, Color Wars in session 3 (congrats to the Red Pirates!), and an epic who-cares-if-it-rains Comic-Con Carnival on the last day of the 4th session. Our Senecas went on unforgettable trips to places like Splish Splash, iFly Trapeze, Skyzone, Adventure Park, Sunken Meadow Beach, and even more awesome places. Campers got to hang out with our hole-digging expert, Marty, and they got to take Hobbes for walks around camp. In the 4th session, the Centerport Fire Department came and cooled us off and made all of our days by making a giant sprinkler out of the firetruck. We made tons of memories and shared lots of laughs, and we just cannot wait to do it all again in 2018!

Just some of the memories we made this summer:

“My favorite memory this year was going to yoga for the first time with my Cayuga boys. I expected them to be restless and chatty during the period, but they actually tuned in and tried to follow the poses — it was so exciting and heartwarming as a counselor to watch them try something new, enjoy it, and learn it.” – Kat McPherson, CB5 counselor

“When Rowan, Logan, Vincent, Ryder and I built a sand castle at volleyball. They were so creative and imaginative, it was great to see.” – Emily Cooper, CB2 counselor

“Singing and dancing in the Cayuga talent show with CG1.” – Meredith Peters, CG1 counselor

“When one of my campers said, ‘these chicken nuggets are the best! Tell the chef she did a great job!’” – Dana Mueger, CB3 counselor

“Every session the boys in CB1 and I like to make up a new name for our group. Each name has a special meaning to them and they enjoy calling our group by these names. From ‘CB banana’, ‘CB fun’, ‘CB peggy’, to ‘CB emoji fidget spinner’, the campers enjoy cheering these new group names as we walk from activity to activity.” – Michelle, CB1 counselor

“Listening to Moana over and over again in music with the cayuga girls.” – Emily Kaminsky, CG5 counselor

“Playing Pirates with the Huron boys out in the bay.” – Jeremy Jordan, Alex Yoon and Emily Chisholm, Boating

“Week 1, I went out sailing with 3 seneca girls and they were each able to able to completely sail on their own by the end of second period. It was a fun and rewarding memory.” – Grace Ringen, Boating

“My favorite memory at camp this summer was taking Oneidas sailing; having them experience a new task was very exciting to witness.” – Maddie Paulich, Boating

“When Basey the Cayuga girl called me Stevie Wonder.” – Sam Liebman, Boating

“Maddie and I went on sail chase and managed to tow 4 sailboats simultaneously at the end of the period.” – Charlie Eder, Boating

“Being able to come back to camp and pick up where I left off. It was nice to feel welcome from staff and campers alike.” – Tom Brennan, Boating

“Sailing in the 20 mph winds with Mohawks to sand city and back in half a period.” – Levi M, Boating

“When it was a very windy day and our boat was healing a lot. The kids were scared and screaming so I started to sing Christmas songs to calm them down and they all sang along.” – Lauren Thorne, Boating

“When Blake and I were rescue board ‘robbers’ in a game of cops and robbers with the Oneida girls in powerpaddler cove.” – Anthony Puglisi, Boating

“Singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana with campers while sailing.” – Shannon Sweeney, Boating

“Camp is who I am, 20 summers straight, every summer is something different. I don’t have one camp memory because camp is and forever will be my second home. There is something in a child’s joy that can be contagious, and that’s what I live for here. It’s the greatest place to be in the summer and I am forever proud to be part of this giant Alvernian family.” – Rob Lambert, Mohawk supervisor

“During the 1st week of the 4th session, I went out on the hobie-cat with some campers. As soon as all the sailboats got out to the bay, everyone started jumping off their boats and taking over a single boat. Everyone was in the water and it was very fun.” – Max Kaupp, MB3 counselor

“When we decided to have a giant water fight with all of the Mohawk boys at rec hall.” – Albie Snolis, Mohawk boys counselor

“I always sing ‘One More Time’ and ‘Fireflies’ and one day in the 3rd session, my kids just started joining in and we now sometimes walk around to activities singing one of those two songs.” – Natalie Kratochvil, Mohawk girls counselor

“Being on stage for the color wars as color captain; it was extremely fun getting the blue team hyped up.” – Ava, Mohawk girls counselor

“Having all my campers link arms for special day and getting to find all the clues. I loved how we all worked together as a unit.” – Kelly Rogers, Mohawk

“At music, we were playing musical chairs. A camper did not get a chair so Deklan gave up his chair so he could keep playing. Multiple people in my group followed his lead and started to do the same.” – Gavin Small, MB? counselor

“My favorite camp memory was during 1st session when I went paddling. We were all messing with each other’s paddle boards and just to see the amount of fun the kids were having was great. Their smiles stuck with me the rest of the summer.” – Bryan Seltenreich, Mohawk

“One day at canteen,the other Mohawk girls counselors and I played a game of ‘Little Sally Walker’ with the girls. I had never played it before and once everyone got into it, I felt like ‘this is what camp is about.’ It got everyone involved and silly, and it was really fun!” – Siobhan McPherson, MG5 counselor

“My favorite camp memory is when the firetruck came. It was something that was universally loved by seemingly everyone in the camp. Random kids who weren’t Mohawks that I did not even know came up to my face and screamed “LETS GOOOOOO!” simply because they couldn’t contain their excitement. The best part by far though was seeing the campers in my group after as they individually came up to me, exhausted, and told me how awesome it was. I could tell they, like myself, made a memory for life.” – Jack Regan, Mohawk boys counselor

“Overcoming my fear of doing the trapeze.” – Mary Trimble, Seneca girls counselor

“SG1 played soccer against 2 Huron girls groups. The last goal was made by Zoe Krief. She was goalie and punted the ball and scored a goal.” – Freddy Moise, SG1 counselor

“During session 3, my group had the mini bus for the first time and it was nice to be on a quieter bus and we were able to all chat together and have a fun time. I think it made my group closer and allowed me to connect more with my campers.” – Sarah Kitzen, Seneca girls counselor

“When the Bahamas won the seneca Olympics during Session 1.” – Danny Hargaden, Seneca boys counselor

“When I sand the star spangled banner to Sean Camas to help him finish one of the obstacles at Adventure Park.” – unknown

“Once upon a time, the Senecas took a day trip to the park. As I made my way across the dewy meadow, I saw a sea of Senecas pointing up into the branches of a tree. What I saw next brought tears down my cheeks as I witnessed ‘The Badger’, a.k.a. Alex Bayer, in his natural habitat seeing as he is quite possibly the best tree climber these eyes have ever seen.” – Conor Rogers, Seneca boys counselor

“When all the Senecas played footie together on Color Wars day— the boys and girls had so much fun!” – Ali Wallace, Seneca girls counselor

“When the Seneca counselors and I lip-synced ‘Halo’ by Beyonce during talent show.” – unknown

“My favorite memory of camp this summer is how all the campers rush the canteen windows to buy ice cream and seeing their smiles! My great grandfather from Italy, Oreste Menafra, sold ice cream in NYC in the late 1890s… It must be in my blood!” – Caroline Menafra, canteen supervisor

“I will always remember when Dan fell off of an obstacle at Adventure Park. He handled it like a pro, but watching him hang there for a minute was wonderful.” – Jon Rowland, Seneca Supervisor

“I will never forget the amazing bus rides with the Senecas when we would have awesome inspirational discussions and play fun games like the initial game or ‘pass-up-the-item’.” – Chante Hooks, Seneca Supervisor

“Chili con carne over potato wedges.” – Julia Brittan, media team

“When one of my campers told me on their last day how I made their camp experience so much better.” – Ben Fagin

“When Josselyn said goodbye to me when she rarely speaks to anyone.” – Owen

“When my very shy camper performed in the talent show after not talking to anyone besides me for two weeks.” – Matty Levenberg, JC

“When my old campers screamed by name and told me that they missed me.” – Reagan Overeem, JC

“A cayuga boy came up to me and said, ‘I take to the sky like an ostrich.’” – unknown

“My favorite memory from this summer would be leading my first group activity at music. I was with 3 groups of Seneca boys and we had a rap battle. It went far better than expected.” – Andrew E, CIT

“Seeing a tremendous amount of growth and progress in my cayuga girls from 1st and 2nd session.” – Bree Simon, JC

“My best memory was being pulled up to be a JC. I made so many connections with the Cayuga boys and counselors. My campers still give me a hug when I see them, and it just puts a smile on my face.” – Phoebe Walther, CIT

“Color wars was so much fun. The sportsmanship mixed with competition perfectly displayed the atmosphere of this camp.” – Matt Miller

“During session 3, one of my campers when told to reapply her sunscreen decided to put on sunscreen that made her face white as a ghost. While everyone was still putting sunscreen on, she came up to me with her ghost face and a pair of princess sunglasses and said ‘I’m ready.’ We all started laughing and she ran into the bathroom to see what she looked like and came out running and laughing. For the rest of the session, whenever we said to reapply sunscreen, she would go in front of the mirror to put sunscreen on like she was putting on makeup.” – Emily Cheshire, JC

“During color wars, a Cayuga boy named James came up to me and said ‘you look so cool and pretty.’” – Caitlin Rossi, JC

“My favorite memory is getting a group and being a JC this summer, it taught me a lot to be better with the kids.” – Mike Burns, JC

“John Locke coming up to me and calling me his favorite CIT.” – Andrew Burget, CIT

“Nintendo Day, 2nd session; I was at tennis and it was fun to watch the kids try to go through the cups and throwing sponges at them.” – Susan

“Nintendo Day; seeing all the campers dressed up as their favorite characters and playing games with them.” – Darien, CIT

“My favorite summer memory was going to the pool with the Cayuga girls on one of the first days and playing games with them in the water. I got to see really shy girls having a lot of fun.” – Nicole Steiger, JC

“When a lot of CITs and Huron boys were in a very intense basketball game where we got to know each other more and have tons of fun.” – Allie Feete, CIT

“My favorite memory of camp this year has been the staff appreciation day because it was great seeing everyone.” – Andrew Stefange

“My favorite memory at Camp Alvernia in the 2017 summer is being on the blue team during color wars and cheering on our team as a group during the staff race and other competitions. Also, chanting the ‘Red Revolution’ song with AJ and Matt Noonan.” – Connor Rossi, JC

“At the CIT/JC ‘party’ I went on the swings with Paige, Matty and Bree. We had a jumping contest, it was so funny.” – Joy McCallion, CIT

“My favorite memory from summer 2017 was when I met Wesley, he told me I was his favorite CIT and he’s gonna miss me when camp is over.” – Paige McLear, CIT

“Meeting my campers for the first time when I was a JC and having them open up to me so fast.” – Julia Kennedy, CIT

“OG5 loves to sing going from activity to activity. They started making up songs and dance moves as we walked. Some favorites include: ‘Little Sally Walker’, ‘Do the Jess’ and ‘My Name is Bert’.” – Jessica Murphy, OG5 counselor

“I love when Shane water bottle flips, he once capped it twice in a period and the smile on his face is priceless.” – Chris Klein, OB3 counselor

“One of my favorite camp memories is when one of my campers made herself a license. She printed out a license template and then glued a picture of her doing a peace sign onto the picture part, it was so funny.” – Bridget Burns, OG3 counselor

“When Gavin Schmidt gave me legos as a present!” – Matty Z, OB5 counselor

“I had a camper in the beginning of the summer who was unable to swim, and after multiple days spent accompanying him in the pool, he eventually broke out of his shell and swam alone— a moment that I was very proud to see!” – Tony Kasper, OB1 counselor

“I can’t really think of one memory, however when Matteo would happily just throw himself around at activities, when Jacob (who is usually reserved) gets very happy out of nowhere, or when my campers did their “butt dance” in the talent show first session.” – Derek, OB4 counselor

“The other day when a camper slightly hurt her toe nail and had to walk to the next activity, she randomly yelled out “THIS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!” and she is so quiet usually.” – Izzy Kehrli, Oneida girls counselor

“It was so nice to see how well my group got along this summer. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging to each other. If one girl is sad, the others are always there to cheer her up.” – Katie, Oneida girls counselor

“Why do children love making slime? We’re not sure why but we have many groups an opportunity to make it! Who knew oooey gooey slime would make a bunch of kids screech, laugh and ask for more? They could not get enough of it! We’ll always remember their excitement.” – Eileen Gordon-Semo, Arts & Crafts

“My favorite memory of this summer was seeing the Cayuga boys wear their dinosaur hats in arts and crafts and seeing them have fun stamping their spikes with all different colors. They had so much fun acting out like real dinosaurs and having them roar!” – Jeannette Smith, Arts & Crafts

“One of my favorite memories was watching the amazement on the Mohawk boys’ and Seneca boys’ faces as they placed their hands in a large bowl of oobleck, a Newtonian fluid that is both a solid and a liquid. What fun being a scientist! Now imagine squeezing the oobleck into a balloon to create their very own stress ball. Stressing, of course, to throw it away after one week due to the awful odor!” – Cindy Schumm, Arts & Crafts

“My favorite camp memory was actually just last week! It was at soccer which is kind of funny because soccer usually isn’t my favorite. Me, Chante, Jared and some other campers as well could not stop laughing and it was over stuff that was ever so little. But that was the beauty of it, it was pure, real laughter that I feel can only happen at camp! There was a quote that was on my 7th grade teacher’s door and it said, ‘a day without laughter is a day wasted.’ I don’t remember who the quote is said by but it relates to this day so much! There was no dull moment of that soccer game and the smile that didn’t leave my face the entire day afterwards will be in my heart forever! Days like that are the reason I love camp so much! That was just one of my many special camp memories.” – Isabella, SG2

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